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 I have included some important starting points below... 

So from the words of Matt Mayberry, Speaker & Max Performance Strategist, CEO of Matt Mayberry Enterprises. 

The one thing we should always do, as long as we are breathing, is to look for ways to grow and maximize our potential.Here are five ways to improve your life for tomorrow.

1. Get connected with your why.

Connecting with your why will help you to increase your energy levels, think more clearly and be able to overcome adversity and setbacks. Your why is the reason you do what you do on a daily basis. It excites you so you can barely sit still. When you discover your life's purpose, your why, your life will never be the same again. There is no greater advantage than getting connected with your why. (this may not come naturally or for a while but give it time it will make a difference once you discovered it on your journey, so please don't stress if you haven't figured this out yet, you can start on changing areas in your life to improve balance while you continue to discover what you why is. )

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2. Take your health and fitness to the next level.

One of the biggest mistakes is putting your health and fitness at the bottom of your priority list. I see it all of the time. People will put making money and getting the promotion ahead of taking care of the one body they will ever carry throughout their lifetimes. Little do they know, working on your health and fitness actually helps you to achieve all of those things and more.

Stop with the made-up story of not having enough time or how it doesn't matter. Your mindset, emotional health, productivity levels and well-being all are boosted when you take your health and fitness to the next level. (This can be as little as starting to go for a walk as build to a more intense routine)

3. Take a gratitude walk.

I first heard about the gratitude walk from bestselling author Deepak Chopra. This simple daily practice incorporated into your everyday routine can drastically change your mental and emotional state in an instant.

Whether first thing in the morning, during your lunch break or in the evening, set aside 20 minutes and walk in your neighborhood, through a park or somewhere in beautiful mother nature. As you begin your walk, start to think about all of the things that you are grateful for in your life. Take a deep breath after each acknowledgement and feel the air that is making your life possible at that moment.

It doesn’t matter how big or small, just pay attention to all that you are grateful for while you are on your walk. This is an extremely powerful way to shift your mood and improve your overall quality of life.

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4. Get started on your one game-changer goal.

When I travel the world, speaking to organizations of all sizes, I encourage audience members to pick one goal that is going to be a complete game changer both personally and professionally -- the goal that will completely change the trajectory of their lives when they achieve it.

When you have this goal set and know exactly what you have to do to reach your mark, you will wake up with a burning desire to be better than you were the day before and maximize your output. Most people may have goals, but very few sit down to take the time to think about their game-changer goal.


5. Read Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck.

This is a phenomenal book by world-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck. It provides decades worth of research on how powerful our minds truly are and what separates those that achieve greatness and those that don’t. It has nothing to do with talent. From children to business leaders, I encourage everyone to read this book and rediscover the power of your mind and how to make it work to your advantage.

Our goal every day should be to improve and enhance the quality of our lives. It's my hope that these five things will help you do just that.

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