So many times in life events or occasions have happened where I haven't know about in advance and you have to find something to wear... all the lines come flooding back, if only I started my diet earlier, or kept on my diet, I wouldn't be in this predicament. But you know what .....I am in the middle of weight loss / discovery me journey and I haven't hit my goal weight, and life has knocked for my a six lately and I have fallen off the eating awesome train... so things are not quite fitting like they did 4 weeks ago. But I guess on this journey of change and discovery I am learning and trying to teach my children at the same time to love who you are, where you are... so therefore I have a family bbq to go to,.... and not feeling the love from closet or the mirror but have decided to say internally and display externally this is me.. This is where I am at... so i will find something in my closet to wear but I will be damn if I am going to wear it with shame.... I will feel good about how far I have already come and where I am going.... so here is to, trying hard to love yourself where you are......

"The most important thing a girl can wear is her confidence"

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