To Me That Was.. Be Amazing....

We posted on our Instagram feed this morning … BE AMAZING…. Now to apply this saying, to 'Be Amazing', my first struggle was how do you be amazing'? The formal definition of amazing is “very impressive excellent, means something wonderful”. Now for anyone who is over 40, kids, work, business, partners, husband, life, 'Be Amazing' is not the first thing that naturally springs to mind when one wakes up. But having posted this, this was the task for the day.

So the process of naturally screaming at the kids to get in the car, pack your lunch, we are late at the top of my voice that usually results in the neighbour's kids also being in their car waiting, I decided to act with excellence and rise above my usual state. So I gracefully requested the kids get a move on as we were late, to me that was AMAZING….. Did I get upset when I left my laptop at home and didn’t have it all day to work on, no I used the work iPad and did jobs that didn’t require my computer today… AMAZING, because there are days I think I can’t live without my laptop.

So as the day continued, the pressures of work deadlines, requests demanded, I took a similar approach. Was there any point at screaming back or hanging up on the person who was getting upset cause their product was not here, no, politely explained the details of the missing product and continued to block out the rest of the conversation, again AMAZING I did that!

Having this word in my head did change the way I viewed the day, and we got some fantastic results in our quest of Two Determined Chicks, we had some exciting movement within our business. Now was that from my attitude of Being Amazing, or did it just happen today randomly, I am not sure. I don’t know what the true meaning of 'Be Amazing is', it will mean something different to all of us, but I am just glad we posted … Be Amazing

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