The Power of Movement

Poor goldfish, they are unfairly credited with short memories, but it seems that somewhere in my genealogy there may have been a goldfish.

Why do we forget the power of small, simple actions? Purposeful movement, taking time out to quiet ourselves, searching for knowledge through reading, expanding our ideas by listening to others, how they think, their views on life, how do we forget such simple, profound acts?

I had repeated many times the, now realised incorrect statement 'what a terrible year 2019 was.' When in fact, while there were many profoundly unsetting cascading events all year long, there was also total and complete joy. Milestone events like the union of our daughter to her life partner, the birth of our first grandchild. I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity it has provided me, though I didn't realise it at the time as a watershed year where the universe, the absolute or if you prefer, God drew a line in the sand and said now is the time. A year where all my life outcomes must be analysed and addressed. A year when all my behaviours, good or bad, are laid bare for me to understand, learn, forgive (myself) and grow.

I recently read from James Clear, Atomic Habits ''your outcomes are a lagging measure of your habits", so while 2019 was a showcase of lagging habits 2019 ended with the clear direction that in order to become the person who I believe is authentically inside me, I must address my thoughts and patterns of behaviour, learn what has served me well or become maladaptive, I chose to cross the Rubicon.

Therefore 2020 is the year of discovery. Self-revelations through the seeking of a thoughts mentor, for listening to the inner me and remembering what used to make me feel strong and empowered. To be able to view events beyond our control as an experience to navigate with quiet calm strength, love and humour rather than sabotaging myself with outdated mechanisms that do not serve me.

Re-instating purposeful exercise has had the most profound effect, and I hope I never 'goldfish' this action away again. Simple reestablishment of body strength, in turn, leads to thought strength, thought strength, for me, leads to action strength. While I am only at the beginning of my journey to live the rest of my life with intent, I am ever so grateful for 2019 for showing me what I needed to do.

Consistent small positive actions to establish a healthier personal operating system is the key for us all, and again to quote James Clear, Atomic Habits ''You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems".

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