Moments that drive us forward in life…

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

I think my defining moment came when I got stuck in a shirt.....

It was a long sleeve shirt and we were getting ready to go out, not that I wanted to go, that would mean finding something to wear and that translated to covering up as many lumps and bumps as I could with material.

Enter the long sleeve shirt in my wardrobe. Now, I should have read the writing on the wall as the tag did say size 12, at this stage my usual shirts were a size 16; length to cover the bum and all the lumps and bumps and loose enough to skim over the stomach.

In a rush I put it on.... now the first arm went in, and I thought ‘’hmmm’’ and then put the other arm in... Well it started to feel tighter the further I tried to put my arms down the sleeves until I felt like it was cutting off my circulation. I started to panic but at this stage both arms were stuck out to the side of me and the shirt was so tight I could not bring my arms together and I could not reach around.....panic, embarrassment, I felt just awful!

I wrestled, I swore and was literally in pain and afraid that my husband would find me in the wardrobe, stuck in a shirt! I was about to yell out for one of my children to help me, because there was no way I could help myself, when the shirt finally tore and I broke free......

I sat and cried, and cried in that wardrobe, vowing to never to be in that situation again....

That moment passed, now just a memory that ultimately had a significant effect on my life. It allowed me to move forward to make a better and healthier path for myself, to be more focused and ultimately more resilient in my quest.

When we change and decide to “never, ever go back” something fundamentally changes in us, we learn and grow, as we become stronger in our journey, that strength starts to creep into all aspects of our life, it transforms our perceptions and behaviours.

Our lives are a series of course corrections and honest assessment of where we are at, sometimes it may take a while for us to understand what certain actions/behaviours need changing because we don’t always find what we are looking for straight away ( macros). A plan forward does not have to be complex, but it does have to be your road-map going forward.

Here’s to women everywhere who have been stuck in the wardrobe, split seams, cut off rings and all the mortifying moments that help us make a decision to move forward. May you use your moment to strike out on a new and better path for yourself.

It really does show that in fact every cloud does have a silver lining!

Wardrobe Malfunction

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