Love Learning

Who would have thought we would see our name ‘up in lights’ on a business blog website called WOMEN LOVE TECH.

This just goes to show you the serendipity of life, how all our actions have consequences whether good or bad. In this case, it was fantastically good, we were very humbled by the fact that our actions were acknowledged and are deeply grateful for the belief building and knowledge we gained watching the evolution of the article from conception to print.

The lesson learnt is that when life feels like it should be something ‘more’ I think is our subconscious telling us we need to go learn, do, experience. Start a new business, no matter how small, take advantage of short courses that interest you in a nearby local learning centre. Remember when you were younger you loved to; e.g. paint. Go buy a canvas and some colours! You never can tell what unimagined benefit will come to you, at the very least a little inner peace and harmony.

Imagine our surprise that a short coding course would lead us to a PR collaboration with a startup called Meeum who specialise in teaching the fundamentals of coding and website building. If the thought crosses your mind ‘I am too old’ shut it down! We are never too old or young for that matter, to start self-improvement. Our brain CAN handle it, it's called neuroplasticity!

There is a saying ‘everything you want is on the other side of fear’ so let us try new things even though we may feel a little scared to, you may just find a bit more of who you are and make some unexpected new friends along the way.

Join the journey...

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