Live Food Diary

Today.... love eating this way, healthy yummy food and losing weight, who ever thought I could eat this and lose.  

Monday - 01/10/2018

Got some salmon, chocolate, coffee, cheesecake and beans and nuts today ...


Awesome Food day.... got my water in, 4 litres and counting, tried Matcha tasted like shit, my opinion only but will not be trying that again..... but rest of day great :)

Tuesday- 02/10/2018

Eggs, Bacon, Coffee, Salmon and Stir Fry Vegetables.. yum yum yum 

Thursday -04/10/20

Great Selection of food.....Great variety I never get hungry.... :) 

Friday - 05/10/2018

Sunday... awesome way to finish the week with steak and wine.... 

Sunday - 07/10/2018

Love my Avocado... Bulletproof coffee always on the menu..... 

Saturday -06/10/2018

Keto Made Beautiful -title page-page-001

Lost 19.6kg / 43.2 pounds and counting 

Eating real and healthy food.... Daily menu changes... check in every week  :) ... Receipe Book in Shop with selection of some our family favourites for only .99 for a Limited time....go to store to book out shortly

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