Inspiring Women

Women who have changed their lives... Proving is it never too late to start.


Have you ever had the thought that we have left it too late, too late to be that person we thought we could be, or start that business idea we always wanted to do? Lose weight, get healthy, get financially stable, a degree? 

Take a moment and read some inspiring women who decided to take a chance and go for it. Let their stories be your inspiration and motivation to step out and achieve what you always wanted to do.

Don't let age stop you, life is really only beginning once you decide to go for it..... 

There are so many women that we can pay homage to from celebrities to everyday real women. Gorgeous Life is going to celebrate success from all walks of life, show that it doesn't matter where you start from, change is possible!  


An Australian icon.

Paving the way for women since 1959 with her first byline at the age of 17. 


Ita pushed the boundaries for women in print media and television, her immaculate appearance almost as famous as her career.

Ita is a champion of social and health issues using her national profile to raise awareness of breast cancer, hiv/aids and alzheimers

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